Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 3 pillars of Digital Marketing (in my view)

Before we get into that, consider this:  If you want to grow your business, you really only have 2 choices - sell more stuff to the same customers -or- get more customers.

Improving your sales team won't necessarily grow your business - it just means you'll close more of the opportunities you already have.  If you want to grow your business you need to create new opportunities - you'll often hear this referred to as 'lead generation'  Lead generation can be a costly process so you'll want to make sure your sales team knows what to do with those precious leads!

Okey dokey - let's see how Digital Marketing can play in the lead generation game. 

1. Website:   Your website is a digital representation of your company - customers will use your website to verify your business.   It therefore follows that your website should reflect as accurately as possible what your business is all about, what you do, how you do it and why you're better at it.

Here are 2 examples of companies that do the same thing but have a very different web presence.  Jamie's website has forms that collect customer data - that's a lead!- while Mike's does not.

2. Opt-in e-mail marketing:  E-mail marketing is an easy way to deliver content to your customers.  It puts your message right in their mail-box.  Remember to include a 'call to action' in your content otherwise you're wasting your time - each customer that responds to your 'call to action' is a lead!.  If you're going to embark on an e-mail marketing campaign make it opt-in - not just for legal reasons but primarily so you won't waste your time sending content to people who don't care.

3. Social Media Marketing:  Small business marketing is most often about credibility and one way a you can build credibility is to establish yourself as an expert in your field - become 'the go-to guy'.  This puts you 'top of mind' when customers are making decisions.  There are tonnes of things you can do in the social media space but there are some that you must do.  As a minimum - Blog your message, use Twitter to feed the beast and get a company Facebook page.  You can supplement with a Linkedin account and a company You Tube channel.  Every follower, friend, comment and post is a lead!

Next time: Why video just might be the secret ingredient in digital marketing.

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  1. Nice summary of the 3 pillars, Steve. Of course, the underlying advantage of digital marketing is (A) overall reduced costs (bits are cheaper to send than pieces of paper), (B) wider reach (the world is your oyster, so to say) and (C) enhanced follow-through (more sales are lost because people don't follow-up than for any other reason).

  2. Thanks Guy! Without a doubt follow-up is crucial - I can attest to several instances this year where persistence has closed the deal, if left to the customers the opportunities would simply go away.

  3. Hey Steve,
    Another great article!

    The two websites illustrated your point to great effect - It just goes to show that great web design is really important to maximise your web presence and marketing dollar.

    Looking forward to your next piece!

  4. Thanks Justin! You're absolutely correct - maximizing marketing dollars is crucial. Which is why - for the reasons Guy emphasized - digital marketing is so attractive to many organizations.